Paul LeBlanc

Paul was born in Scarborough, Ontario with a childhood split between Toronto and Richmond B.C. After graduation he joined the military as a Combat Engineer. During his service he lived right across the nation, did three tours overseas, and one tour to the most Northern base in Canada Alert. The highlight of his career in the military was spending 2.5 years in the Netherlands, where he spent his time travelling throughout Europe and other countries and visiting landmarks such as the pyramids in Egypt and the Louvre in Paris.

In 2013 Paul retired from the military and became a crane operator which brought him for his first visit to Kitimat, on the KMP project where he worked for 10 months. Paul moved to Kitimat in 2017 with a job at Rio Tinto, he worked at RT for 2 years until he joined First Canada, first as Project Manager for the LNGC project with a promotion to General Manager in 2020.

Since moving to Kitimat, Paul has found love and plans to marry in November 2022. He enjoys playing hockey, soccer, glamping with his family and travelling. He is honored to be a part of the Board of Directors for the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce and hopes that his experience will help Kitimat grow.

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