Streamline Mechanical L.P.

Streamline Mechanical L.P. has been providing a wide range of construction services primarily to industrial clients for over 40 years. They provide quality service and expertise for all types of civil and mechanical work including: mechanical installations of sewer, water and gas services; road construction and maintenance; earth works; deep undergrounds; civil construction and general site services. Streamline has been working on projects in the Kitimat area since 2011.

Their proven record of executing past projects with unparalleled success, demonstrates Streamline knows the key components to achieving desired results. Through understanding their clients? needs, aligning their priorities and ensuring on-going, open communication, they establish enduring professional working relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Their services include:

Civil Work: Excavations; Tank Pads; Retaining Ponds; Deep Underground Service Installation; Rough and Final Grading; Winter Exploration; Road Building; Pad Construction.
Site Services: Snow Removal and Sanding; Dust Control; Road Maintenance and Grading; Walkway Maintenance; Janitorial; Sewer and Water Hauling; Hydrovac; Dewatering; Material Management; Signage and Barricades; Fueling.
Commercial and Industrial Plumbing & Heating: Installation; Maintenance and Repair; HDPE Fusion.
Temporary Facilities: Procurement and complete set-up of modular trailer complexes; Tents and relocatable structures.
Construction & Maintenance Services: Electrical Installations; HVAC; Sewer; Water and Gas Installations; Carpentry Installations; Insulating.
Manufacturing: Sewer and Water Storage Buildings; Temporary Structures; Skids; Lift Stations.

618 Commercial Avenue
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