Sinkut Radiator Service Inc.

Sinkut Radiator Service Inc is a local radiator and cooler supplier. They are based out of Vanderhoof, BC and serve the entire BC Interior. They manufacture, rebuild and repair radiators, oil coolers, aftercoolers, tube-and-shell exchangers, plate exchangers and any other type of heat exchanger for the mining, forestry, marine and oil & gas industries. They have a large inventory of truck and heavy equipment radiators, charge air coolers, AC condensers as well as automotive radiators and condensers on the shelf and ready to ship at a moment’s notice..
Call or email Sinkut Radiator Service anytime if you have any type of radiator or cooler needs. Their specialty lies in providing upgraded and improved coolers to create high performing and longer-lasting systems.

4786 Griffith Road
V0J 3A1
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